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You have until November 11 to pre-register, so still some time to grab that awesome (awful) name. I'm actually something of a latecomer to the series, though it was always in my periphery.Just pinch my nose and cram them down the gullet, so to speak. But I also feel there's more core quality to most of these games than some people give them credit for, especially in the case of strong remakes like [.99].When I first played this game, I had already played most of the great action-RPG games that had followed in the nearly 25 years since its initial release.

What kind of action game uses a cockamamie set-up like that? I was buying just about every portable RPG that released, and XSEED had just released a few , a remake of the third game that received heavy praise from just about everyone, and rightfully so, but I thought that since the first two games were pretty short, I should do them first. Though I don't necessarily agree that it's a bad thing, I certainly won't deny that nostalgia can make an experience better.

During the old console wars, there were plenty of ads in game magazines for the SEGA Master System version, and later the Turbo Graphx-16 collection of the first two games.

It certainly got its fair share of positive press in reviews.

When the Turbo Graphx-16 version released on the Wii Virtual Console, a friend of mine urged me to pick it up.

Even though that friend's taste has been nearly infallible in the years I've known her, I still didn't think games have a pretty unusual means of attacking enemies.

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The hero Adol carries a sword, but you don't press a button to swing it.

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